Industrial valves
Industrial valves
Butterfly valves
Butterfly valves
PTFE-lined butterfly valves of PA 200 series
Butterfly valves of PA 300 series
Butterfly valves with double offset of PA 400 series
Butterfly valves of PA 600 series
Butterfly valves with double offset of PA 700 series
Butterfly valves with tripple offset of PA 900 series
Gate valves
Gate valves
Knife gate valves with through knife of PA 510 series
Bidirectional knife gate valves of PA 520 series
Bidirectional knife gate valves with demountable body of PA 530 series
Unidirectional knife gate valves of PA 540 series
Bidirectional knife gate valves with internal rubber inserts of PA 550 series
Bidirectional knife gate valves with polyurethane seat of PA 560 series
Unidirectional knife gate valves for high pressure with blind body of PA 570 series
Pinch valves produced by PromArm
Gate valves 30с41нж of Promarm manufacturing
Other gate valves
Stop valves
Isolation valves
Safety valves
Diverter valves
Control valves
Mixing valves
Solenoid valves
Ball Valves
Check Valves
Screen filters
Electrically Actuated Industrial Valves
Electrically Actuated Industrial Valves
Electrically actuated gate valves
Electrically actuated butterfly valves
Electrically actuated ball valves
Electrically actuated ball valves
Power Industry Valves
Other industrial valves
Other industrial valves
Steam traps
Pressure and level regulators
Tempering valves
X-mas tree valves and wellhead equipment
Pinch valves
Electric actuators
Electric actuators
Multiturn electric actuators for gate valves
Rotary electric actuators for butterfly valves and ball valves
Linear electric actuators for valves
Pipe elbows
Pipe blinds
Pipe caps
Sealing materials
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The main branch of PromArm company's activities is manufacturing of butterfly valves and knife gate valves and also complex supplies of industrial valves of Russian and foreign production.


History of company. Image

The company "PromArm" was founded in 2001 in Penza, Russia.

The company was a trader of industrial equipment (mainly industrial valves) with significant stock amounts.

In 2005 the process of modern stock and production facilities developing was started.

In 2009 the production of butterfly valves was started.

Since 2013 we've started manufacturing of knife gate valves.

To 2015 the production of double and tripple offset butterfly valves was arranged.

Promarm today

About company. Image

The company produces butterfly valves and knife gate valves.

The constant replenishment of the product is 150,000 units.

There are carried out not less than 200 shipments to various regions of Russia and the world monthly.

The PromArm Ltd. is a reliable supplier of products to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, China, Iraq, Iran, the Baltic States, Moldova. Geography of supplies.

PromArm company is the dealer (or official representative) of more than 50 leading Russian and foreign factories-manufacturers of industrial valves. Our partners.

Quality standards

Quality standards. Image

The company is certified by the standard ISO 9001:2015. Documentation, certificates, permits.

All manufactured products meets the requirements of Declaration of Conformity TR CU 010/2011 "About safety of machinery and equipment", Declaration of Conformity TR CU 032/2013 "About safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure".

We also have Russian maritime register of shipping: Type approval certificate.

During the production process we're making our best to provide the highest quality that is achieved by:

  • modern design of products that ensures reliable operation and high tightness;
  • initial inspection of all materials and parts;
  • optimal production process arrangement and quality control at all stages.

All products are mandatory to be inspected for quality and tightness control before shipment. Customers feedbacks.


Manufacturing. Image

Since 2013 the company has arranged the production of butterfly valves and knife gate valves of various design types. The quality of our products is not inferior to the best Russian and foreign analogues, and a wide range of designs and materials allows to correctly select the right valves for the customer's needs.

All manufactured products passes 100% quality control at all stages of production. Valves with additional equipment (pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, position indicators and so on) are assembled, tuned and tested in the factory conditions and supplied to the end customer in the ready form to use.

Geography of supplies

Uralmash LLC Holding
Uralmash LLC Holding, Тюмень
By this letter we inform that Uralmash LLC Holding buys and uses the butterfly valves of PA 300 series, manufactured by Promarm (Penza) for construction of drilling rigs shutters since September 2016 to the current date. The valves works normally, there’s no claims about quality, completeness and delivery time. We’re going to use these products in the future.
ТрансНефтьСтрой, Тюмень
В процессе сотрудничества нашей компании с ООО «ПромАрм» в сфере подбора и поставки деталей трубопровода, запорной арматуры, а также сложного оборудования, компания ООО «ПромАрм» зарекомендовала себя как добросовестного и надежного партнера. Следует отметить качество поставляемой продукции и короткие сроки поставки, а так же высокую профессиональную подготовку сотрудников компании. Продукция, поставляемая компанией ООО «ПромАрм» полностью удовлетворяет всем необходимым требованиям нормативно-технической документации.
ОАО "ВАСО", Тюмень
Настоящим письмом сообщаем, что наше предприятие в 2006году закупило у ООО "ПромАрм" трубопроводную арматуру (задвижки, клапана и др.). Все поставки были осуществлены точно в срок.претензий по качеству поставляемой арматуры нет. Зав ремя работы компании "ПромАрм" зарекомендовала себя как надежный поставщик. ОАО"ВАСО" и в дальнейшем планирует работать с ООО "ПромАрм".
ООО "Тюменский региональный инженерно-инновационый центр"
ООО "Тюменский региональный инженерно-инновационый центр", Тюмень
Наше предприятие ООО «ТРИИЦ» является постоянным потребителем трубопроводной арматуры, поставляемой ООО «ПромАрм», ООО «ПромАрм» принимало участие в поставке трубопроводной арматуры для обустройства Добринского месторождения Волгоградской области. Поставляемая продукция отличается высоким качеством, сопровождается необходимой документацией (паспорта, сертификаты соответствия, разрешения на применение), надлежащим образом упакована. Продукция поставлялась в четко указанные сроки. Сотрудники ООО «ПромАрм» всегда готовы предоставить консультацию по любым вопросам, связанным с поставляемым оборудованием.

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