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Butterfly valves

Затворы дисковые концентрические. Изображение
Concentric butterfly valves
PA300 and PA600 series
Затворы дисковые с двойным эксцентриситетом. Изображение
Double offset butterfly valves
PA400 and PA700 series
Затворы дисковые с тройным эксцентриситетом. Изображение
Tripple offset butterfly valves
PA900 series
Затворы дисковые футерованные. Изображение
PTFE-lined butterfly valves
PA200 series

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  1. What is a butterfly valve
  2. Principle of work
  3. Advantages
  4. Disadvantages
  5. Types of connections
  6. Types of operation
  7. Materials
  8. Production
  9. How to buy

What is a butterfly valve

A butterfly valve is a type of pipeline valve in which the locking/regulating element is a disc that rotates around the axis, perpendicular (concentric butterfly valves) or at an angle (butterfly valves with double or triple offset) to the flow direction of the working medium.

Operating principle of butterfly valves

This type of pipeline valve consists of three main elements: a body, a disc, and a seat. The work of these valves can be easily described as follows: the disk is located in the body perpendicular to the pipeline with the working medium, and the flow is blocked when the disk is rotated 90° around its own axis.

The advantages of butterfly valves

In comparison with other types of pipe fittings, butterfly valves have the following advantages:

  • light weight and small overall dimensions;
  • short closing time;
  • high tightness;
  • no stagnant areas;
  • simple design and high maintainability;
  • comparatively low cost.

Disadvantages of butterfly valves

Along with the obvious advantages of butterfly valves, it is important to highlight a number of disadvantages inherent in this type of valve:

  • high hydraulic resistance, because the disc is in the passage of the body all the time, even in the fully open position;
  • difficulty in cleaning the pipeline with mechanical devices;
  • high torque, especially on large diameters.

Connection types of butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are mostly produced in a wafer or flanged version, less often there is a welding connection

Types of operation

To control the valves used:

Materials of butterfly valves

In butterfly valves only the disc and the seat are in contact with the working medium not the body, that is why its performance characteristics are determined only by the materials of the disc and the seat.

Depending on the seat material there are 2 groups of butterfly valves:

  • with soft seals (the most common type);
  • with metal-to-metal seals.

The seal is most often made of materials such as EPDM, NBR, Viton, PTFE. The disk material can be iron of different grades, steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc. The material of the body can be iron, carbon, alloy and stainless steel. The general list of used materials is very large - it is possible to make a butterfly valve for almost any chemically complex medium. Thanks to this, these valves are widely used in various industries.

Butterfly valves with soft seals manufactured by PromArm Ltd. are presented in the series  PA200, PA300, PA400, PA600.

The main disadvantage of soft-sealed butterfly valves is the low maximum permissible temperature of the working medium and low operating pressure. For more complex operating conditions it is necessary to use butterfly valves with metal-on-metal seats (PA400, PA700, PA900).

The Manufacturer of Butterfly Valves

Since 2001, our company has been actively engaged in the supply of industrial pipefittings. Focusing on demand indicators, modern changes in the market and the general interest of customers allowed us to decide that it was necessary to create our own production of butterfly valves.

Our employees have the experience and knowledge that allowed us to develop the appropriate technical conditions. The production of butterfly valves is carried out strictly according to the technical specifications 3700-001-55604618-2013. Our butterfly valves are used in various fields of human activity and industries:

  • Chemical
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Energy efficiency
  • Public utilities
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metallurgy

Butterfly valves are also used in shipbuilding. The main purpose for which butterfly valves are used is shut-off and control valves. They are able to work in aggressive environments: abrasives, water, gas, steam, oil and petroleum products, and a variety of chemicals.

At the request of customers, butterfly valves series PA can be equipped with any type of drive: a handle, a worm gear, an electric actuator, a pneumatic actuator. Other equipment that will be specified in the customer's request (for example, butterfly valves stem extensions) is also installed.

Subsequent service and warranty service is provided.

To Buy Butterfly Valves

Prices, actual information on the availability of valves in stock, as well as qualified assistance in selecting a product suitable for your tasks, you can get calling +7 (8412) 35-07-97 or sending a letter with a request to the e-mail:

You can buy butterfly valves by using the order form at the top of this page/subsection page (by clicking on the "Place an order" button) or go to the section you are interested in and use the product catalog selection filter / product basket functionality.

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